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Biogas: Our commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in every aspect of our offerings, meticulously crafted to reduce carbon emissions and waste generation. Discover our innovative solutions, including the versatile Portable Biogas Plant for Home and our tailored Biogas Plant for Home systems.

Welcome to FRD Biomech Pvt Ltd, the premier waste management service company in Thrissur, Kerala that specializes in the installation and service of fiber biogas plants. Being the finest Biogas plants in Kerala, our commitment to the environment is evident in the products and services we offer, which are designed to promote a cleaner, greener earth for future generations.

At FRD Biomech Pvt Ltd, we use sophisticated techniques for the manufacturing of portable systems. Our products are mainly designed for high durability, and we use FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastics) and epoxy resin coating for their production. This gives our biogas plants a lifetime working feature, ensuring that they continue to function efficiently for years to come. This expertise and quality make us the best choice when it comes to Biogas in Kerala. Our various models start from 10 L to 600 L daily waste capacity, making them suitable for households, small businesses, and larger commercial enterprises.

Portable biogas plant for home


The basic principle we follow in our biogas plants is bio methanation. This process involves the anaerobic digestion of organic waste materials such as food scraps, animal waste, and sewage, resulting in the production of biogas. Biogas is a renewable energy source that can be used for cooking, heating, and generating electricity, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional fossil fuels. So if you’re looking for a reliable partner who is the finest among Biogas plants in Kerala and the best in Biogas in Thrissur, now you know whom to contact.

FRD Biomech Pvt Ltd is proud to be the leading provider of biogas in Kerala. Our products and services have helped countless households and businesses across the state to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future. Whether you think of biogas in Thrissur or want to install a biogas plant in Kerala for your home or business, or simply like to learn more about the benefits of biogas, we are here to help.

In addition to our biogas plants, we are also into solar inverters and batteries for better utilization of solar energy. Our products are designed to maximize the potential of solar energy, providing a clean and reliable source of power for homes and businesses alike.

At FRD Biomech Pvt Ltd, we believe that small actions can have a significant impact. By choosing our products and services, you are taking an important step towards a cleaner, greener future. We join forces with our clients to create a better, more sustainable world for all.

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Portable biogas plant for home

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Portable biogas plant for home

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Portable biogas plant for home

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